Enjoying Spain's Modern And Traditional

Posted on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Enjoying Spain's Modern and TraditionalHow will you start enjoying Spainâ??s modern and traditional on your first or next trip there? Spain is a rather diverse country with both an eclectic modern and traditional atmosphere. Itâ??s filled with many historical cities, beaches and an abundance of nightlife. If you want to see what Spainâ??s really like, you should visit the following places.


The Best Time To Visit Barcelona: The fall tends to be the best time to visit Barcelona with its cooler weather.

This is both a modern and lively city. Itâ??s on the to do list of many travelers to Spain. The architecture is like none other in the area. The beaches make a nice backdrop to it. This area is fairly touristy and can be busy virtually any time of year. At night Barcelona can get pretty wild with the club scene going well into the wee hours of the morning. To escape it all, try visiting Collserola Hills which has areas to bike or hike and to just enjoy the view.


The Best Time To Visit Valencia: April and May are the best times to visit Valencia with exceptional weather and less crowds.

If you are looking to see some of old town Spain, you must visit Valencia. Itâ??s a lot less touristy than Barcelona, but still as enjoyable. The town is filled with cobblestone, gates and ancient walls. This city is considered to be one of the most livable cities in Spain with its parks, museums and contemporary buildings. Itâ??s also known for its food and culinary experiences. You must try the paella while here. Itâ??s phenomenal.


The Best Time To Visit Madrid: April through June are good times to visit because the city is filled with activity.

This is the largest city in Spain and a great place to see some of the modern parts of it. Many tourists use it as a central hub in between other destinations in the country as thereâ??s a variety of public transportation here. The city has a lot of architectural history and includes royal palaces and medieval mansions. If you had to describe this city in one word, the word â??artisticâ?? would fit. It is home to several famous artists including Goya and it has galleries like Museo del Prado. In recent years Madrid has also become a culinary capital. It unites Spanish dishes with innovations in the food industry.


The Best Time To Visit Cordoba: September and October are when itâ??s less busy and the weather is nice.

This mesmerizing city features one of of the most interesting buildings in all of Europe, the Islamic building of Mezquita. Itâ??s multi-arched and mesmerizing to look at. Cordoba is easy to explore on bike or foot. While here you must visit the Jewish quarter, Juderia, with its wide streets or Plaza de las Tendillas that has a variety of restaurants and bars. The riverfront streets of Mezquita are also worth seeing.


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