Grape Throwing Festival

Posted on Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Grape Throwing Festival (Festa des Vermar,) is an annual event that is held in Mallorca, Spain. The festival takes place during the last weekend in September and is a celebration of the grape harvest in the village of Binissalem. Many activities take place during the festival, but the main attraction is of course, grape throwing!

How this festival started is a little unclear. However, it’s generally thought that this event started as a way of getting rid of grapes that weren’t of good quality. Basically, the residents didn’t know what to do with grapes that they couldn’t make wine with so even though throwing grapes can be kind of messy, it became a fun way to get some use out of them before they needed to be thrown away.

About The Festivities
The Grape Throwing Festival will consist of grape throwing, food and wine. The festivities kick-off with a small rocket being launched in the village’s central square. Then the traditional piper goes just outside of the village, into a field with a crowd that follows him. There is a large mound of grapes that the crowd gathers around and once the whistle blows, the grape throwing begins. In the past, only residents were allowed to attend the festival, but because it has grown in popularity over the years, visitors are now allowed to attend it. Once everyone is finished throwing the grapes they can sample the variety of wines that are made out of the Manto Negro grapes that are grown in the village. The festival then basically turns into a big celebration despite everyone being fairly messy from having grapes thrown at them.

About Binissalem
Binissalem is a small town that is located right in the center of Mallorca. Most people don’t choose it as vacation destination when visiting Spain. However, it’s only about 4 miles from the Palma Airport and 18 miles from the nearest beaches. Despite the fact that the town is small, it’s a great place for those wanting to take a relaxing vacation. There nicest hotel in Mallorca is located in Binissalem as well as some shops to buy souvenirs, restaurants to sample some of the local fare as well as some bars for those that want to relax or take in some of the nightlife. The residents are fairly friendly towards visitors and will often strike up a conversation on a whim.

Have you ever attended a grape throwing festival? Most of us haven’t, but it sure does sound like a lot of fun. Even if you don’t want to throw any grapes, a trip to visit a winery in the U.S. or abroad to see how grapes are grown and cultivated into wine would make for an unforgettable trip!

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