Spain Cuisine

Posted on Monday, June 06, 2011

Spaniards eat out a lot and one of the best ways to try a variety of dishes is tapas (snacks). Served in small bowls, the idea is to share a mixed variety of dishes such of olives, squid, cheese, meat and bread. Other speciality dishes include Sopa Castellana (baked garlic soup), Besugo al Horno (seabream poached in a wine sauce), Cochinillo Asado (roasted suckling pig) and Cordero Asado (roast lamb).

Many speciality dishes are made with seafood – eels, bream and squid. The area of Andalusia is noted for Gazpacho, a delicious cold vegetable soup and in the eastern regions there is Paella, a rice dish made with meat or seafood – well worth a try! Rioja red wine (pronounced ‘Ree-o-hah’), sherry (liqueur) and Cava (sparkling wine, which is much cheaper than champagne) are also popular.

We suggest, like most Spaniards, you drink bottled mineral water which is widely available.


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