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Know your budget? We have taken the work out of searching for the perfect Spain tour package. A Spain tour is the perfect way to experience all this country has to offer. An escorted tour package includes your accommodations, services of a guide, transfers, most meals, incredible sightseeing and all the details are handled for you. Save up to 40% off the price of trying to visit all the cities on your own. Browse through our incredible selection of Spain escorted tours. The possibilities are endless as we have included many travel itineraries to suit your desires and your budget.

As one of the largest sellers of tours and tour vacations, we are able to offer you unbeatable prices and value. Once you have picked your favorite tour, please call our tour experts 1-800-942-3301 to book your tour vacation. Atlas offers you the best selection of tours at incredible prices.

Spain Budget Tours

Spain budget tours will give you a chance to explore charming Spain for an affordable price. The budget tour is best suited to the traveler who wishes to have a good basic introduction to travel in Spain. Spain is a beautiful country of very diverse cultural and geographical regions. You will be in clean, comforable hotels, have breakfast included daily and some sightseeing highlights as well.  Traveling on a budget tour will not only save you time,  but also money.  You can normally save about 40% vs planning every detail of the trip on your own.  It's a great way to meet people.  You can relax on the bus and not worry about driving.  Your luggage is delivered to your room in each new stop.  You also have the benefit of the tour guide who can recommend places to go and things to do on your free time.  So many of the details are taken of for you so you can focus on what is most important, which is enjoying your Spain vacation.


Spain First Class Tours

Spain first class tours include 4 star hotels in convenient locations.  You also get breakfast daily and some dinners as well.  Many first class tour companies now also include Hidden Treasures and unique experiences such as visits to a vineyard, local farm, olive grove or a popular tourist site before it opens to the public.  You also may travel by train as well as by deluxe motorcoach.  There will be less people on the bus than on Spain budget tours, which means more comfort and leg room.  Many first class itineraries are also designed to give you 2 to 3 nights in the major cities so you can take it all on vs. being rushed.


Deluxe Spain Tours

Gorgeous scenery, cosmopolitan cities and quaint villages beckon visitors to Spain. Deluxe Spain Tours offer the discerning traveler the opportunity to partake of an escorted tour that is not your usual tour. Deluxe tours offer smaller, quaint lodging, villas or resorts that have modern features.  They also include most if not all meals at fine restaurants. Deluxe tours offer inclusive sightseeing and features that are not available on the first class tour so you pay for everything up front vs having to choose from optional excurisons during your vacation. Many deluxe tour companies offer small group trips of up to only 26 travelers, for a more personalized experience.

If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, we can customize a Spain tour vacatoin for you to include just about anything.  Some of the unique experiences include working with a local sculptor, shopping in unique stores with a personal shopper, wine tasting, a tapas workshop, private cooking classes, a Flamenco dance class and more.


Spain Rail Vacations

If you want to visit Spain, but think that a motorcoach is not for you, there is also the opptorunity to travel Spain by rail.

Nothing compares to the scenic wonders that unfold before you as the train winds its way through changing landscapes.  Some Spain train tours still provide you with the benefits of a guide.  Others you travel independently, a great way to see the sights and highlights you want to see at your own pace and in your own way, but do you want to be completely on your own if you don't speak Spanish?  We can offer you a host that can offer guidance on restaurants, shopping and sightseeing during your free time.

We take care of the important details, so you have the Spain vacation of your dreams.  Hotels are carefully selected, transportation is provided to and from the airport, you get breakfast daily, some sightseeing and there is a local host to assist you with any questions.


Specialty Tours

Discover a bounty of untold pleasures with Religious, walking, cooking or multi-sport tours of Spain to fit your way of travel: the exhilaration of achievement as you stretch yourself and the boundaries of your horizons; the deep spiritual enrichment that comes from encountering the planet's diverse people and wildlife; and the sheer fun that comes from being "out there". Believing that each cuisine tells the story of the land, its history and its people, discover Spain's gourmet cooking. Add some of the finest wines in the world and the ineffable spirit and joy of the people for an experience of pure pleasure, friendship, laughter, and renewal.


Spain Winter Season Tours

Typically traveling to Spain during the low-season calendar months can save travelers 20% compared to peak and high-season times. The climate is surprisingly mild and the city streets and attractions are far less crowded than in summer and many of the local shops offer incredible winter bargains you'll find hard to resist. You’ll do more than simply see the sights, you’ll experience them. The Tour Directors weave fascinating facts and stories of times past into their commentary, breathing life into the artwork, historic sites, and grand monuments before you. It's no wonder that the winter months are the best time to visit Europe.

Tours for 2015/2016 Winter will be out late this summer.

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