Weird Laws To Be Aware Of In Spain

Posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Weird Laws To Be Aware Of In SpainSpain is filled with a lot of interesting things. A unique culture, deep heritage and some rather odd laws. While these laws may make sense in Spain, they can be difficult for tourists to understand. If you do plan on traveling to Spain, you should be aware of these laws.


Wear Proper Footwear When Driving

While flip flops are pretty comfortable, they can get you in trouble when you are driving in Spain. They aren't seen as adequate footwear when you are behind the wheel and you could actually get in trouble if you are caught wearing them. Acceptable footwear for drivers includes flats and sneakers.


Make Sure Your Underwear Is Where It Should Be

In some parts of the country, it's illegal to hang your clothes on a clothesline. While tourists probably won't be using a clotheslines, they may be hanging some of their wet clothes over the hotel balcony. If you do plan on doing this, just make sure that you don't put any suggestive articles of clothing outside.


Keep Your Shirt On

Spain can be hot virtually any time of year. This doesn't mean that you should take your shirt off in order to cool down though. If you are in the city center and are seen without a shirt on, you can be fined 600 pounds, which equates to over $800. Even if you do find the weather to be sweltering, don't take your shirt off and find a nice shady spot instead.


Be Careful Where You Get Help From

If you are in Spain and in need of help, you may be tempted to turn to someone in a safety vest. However, there's a good chance that they aren't a police officer or firefighter. Since prostitution is legal in Spain, and those looking for work often hang out near the highway, they must wear clothing that is be highly visible to drivers. Because of this, it's not uncommon to see prostitutes standing on the side of the road wearing a safety vest.  


Don't Drive Around With Groceries And Your Top Down

Renting a convertible when you are in Spain? You'll have a great time as long as you remember this simple rule: don't put groceries in the backseat with the top down! It's thought to be unsafe as food could go flying out if you happen to have to make a sharp turn. So if you need to go grocery shopping, make sure you leave the top up.

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